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Jilin Jinguan Electric Co., Ltd, founded in 2006, after ten years of development, has grown into a large electric group listed company of a whole-industry-chain maker for cities and communities power supply resolutions with business and portfolio covering scientific research and development, manufacturing, electric engineering overall design, and work construction, operation and maintenance. . It adopts the enterprises development modes of enhancing electric equipment manufacturing by means of EPC project contracting. The company bases the production of its three major electric equipments and engineering installation on Changchun, Jilin Province in Northeast China, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province in East China and Zhuhai, Guangdong Province in South China.    


Jinguan Electric has perfect organizational structure and rational resource allocation. It has five administration centers, including Marketing Managing Center, Administrative Managing Center, Financial Managing Center, Research & Development Center and Production Management Center. It has a provincial-level enterprise technology center, with 4 R&D departments, which are scientific research and entrepreneurship training bases for several scientific institutions in Jilin province. Jinguan Electric has a high-quality research team consisting of dozens of R & D staff with intermediate and senior titles, and has obtained more than 50 national patents. A number of scientific research achievements have been listed as key new products at national and provincial level.


To adapt to the increasingly fierce international competition, in 2010, Jinguan Electric established Research and Development Center of Intelligent Switch with Chinese Academy of Science. Jinguan Electric has made timely preparation of relevant technical reserve and has established all-round, multi-level scientific cooperation with cooperating colleges and universities according to its development plan and trend of national power system. The R&D strength, manufacturing capabilities and product quality of Jinguan Electric have reached international advanced level in electric industry.


With top priority on enterprise information management, Jinguan Electric has succeeded in achieving comprehensive integration of strategic management, human resource management and business management processes by establishing ERP information managing system, This enables the Company to get on the track of industrialization and information-integrated development, laying a solid foundation for the sustained and rapid development of company.


Jinguan Electric strictly observes its strategic plan of ”Global management, business process management and marketing refinement”. Jinguan Electric adheres to its operation philosophy of "people first, serve the public, honesty, innovation and development” and strives to build Jinguan Electric as a well-known electrical enterprise in China and in the world.