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Take lead in technology with innovation and  create strength with technology

Design innovative thinking


Since its founding, Jinguan Electric has been continuously developing new products, upgrading the existing technological level and carrying out design innovation. Guided by market demand and relying on enterprise technology center, industry technology and product development trend, the Company has established a characteristic independent innovation R & D system, forming a unit product development dynamic development situation, and promoting the company's products to further develop towards high-tech, high intelligence, high added value.    





Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

In the process of rapid development, the Company has received gracious care from government at all levels and strong support of our customers. By sticking to the business philosophy of “people first, technology and innovation, China-based and Global-oriented”, and as a technology-oriented enterprise, Jinguan focuses on independent innovation. In 2012, The R&D Center of Jinguan Electric was recognized as the Provincial Level Enterprise Technology Center.

R & D cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences

The Company emphasized on independent innovation and technical cooperation with scientific research institutes. In 2011, the Company established cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Electrical Engineering and established the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Electrical Engineering Jilin Jinuan Electric Switch Research and Development Center, further enhancing the  technology research and development strength and scientific research achievement transformation capacity of the Company. By establishing a good cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences on research and development, the Company is able to adapt to the increasingly fierce domestic and international economic situation, enhancing the competitiveness in the power transmission and distribution manufacturing industry.




Intellectual property system  

The rapid growing Jinguan Electric continued to make large investments in research and development, introduce research and development and technical personnel, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of R & D personnel to strengthen technological edges and technological innovation of the Company. Since the establishment, The company has established a standardized, process-oriented, specialized, large-scale, intensive scale manufacturing strategy. In 2011, the Company was rated as high-tech enterprise. As of October 2016, the Company has more than 60 national patented technologies and non-patented technology as well as other independent intellectual property rights.

Certificates of inventions and patents