Typical Cases of Energy and Chemical Industry
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Typical Cases of Energy and Chemical Industry

1. Water Conservancy and Hydropower

►Urban Water Supply Project for Diverting Water from Nenjiang River to Baicheng in Jilin Province
►Songlin Water Conservancy Project in Fusong County
►Hadashan Water Control Project (Phase I)
►New Construction Project of Da'an Irrigation Area in Jilin Province
►Comprehensive Treatment Project of Fengman Hydropower Station

►Fusong 66 kV Substation Relocation Construction Project

►Dehui Branch Emergency (Phase I) Water Supply Project of Water Supply Project of Diverting Water from Songhua River to Central cities in Jilin Province

►Dehui Branch Emergency (Phase I) Water Supply Project Mishazi Water Treatment Plant Project

2. China Guodian Corporation (CGC)

►2 × 330MW Unit Cogeneration Project of CGC Ningxia Yinglite Coal Industry Co., Ltd.

►2 × 660MW Ultra-Supercritical Unit Project of CGC Jiujiang Power Plant Expansion Project

►2 × 210MW Unit Project of CGC Jilin Longhua Thermoelectricity Co., Ltd

►CGC Chifeng Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. Project 3052

►CGC Inner Mongolia Jing Yang Energy Co., Ltd. 3,000 t/a Polysilicon Project

►CGC Jilin Longhua Helong Phase I New Cogeneration Project

►CGC Shuangliao Power Generation Co., Ltd. 1 × 660MW Unit Project

►CGC Chifeng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Project

3. China Datang Corporation (CDC)

►CDC Hunchun Power Plant Phase III Project

►CDC Changchun Thermal Power Plant III Water Waste Heat Utilization Project

►New Construction of CDC Changtu Manjing (Bajiazi) Wind Farm in Liaoning Province

4. China Huaneng Group (CHG)

► CHG Siping Wind Power Plant New Construction Project

►CHG Guilin Gas Distributed Energy Project

►Phase I 2 × 660MW Supercritical Indirect Air-cooling Unit Project of CHG Beifang Weijiamao Coal & Power Co., Ltd. Power Plant

►Newly Built 2 × 330MW Direct Air-cooling Generator Set Project of CHG Baishan Coal Gangue Power Generation Co., Ltd.
►CHG Changchun Thermal Power Plant New Project (2 × 350MW) supercritical Coal - Fired Generator Unit Project

►CHG Changchun Biological Thermal Power Plant New Project

5. China Power Investment (CPI) Corporation
►2 × 350MW Unit Project of CPI Fuxin Power Generation Co., Ltd.
►Air - cooling Supercritical Unit Project of 2 × 600MW New Project of CPI Yanshan Lake Power Plant
►CPI Jilin Songhua River Thermal Power New Project

6. Other power group corporations
►Harbin Thermal Power Co., Ltd. 1 × 116MW Transition Peak Hot Water Boiler Construction Project
►Wulanchabu City Hongda Industrial Co., Ltd. Xinghe 2 × 350MW Cogeneration Power Unit Project
►Shanxi Xinxing Energy Industry Group Co., Ltd. Power Generation Project Yangmei Yuansheng 2 × 350MW Project
►Shanxi Xinxing Energy Industry Group Co., Ltd. Power Generation Project Changzhi Xinlong 2 × 300MW Project
►Jilin Wind Power Company Changling Wind Farm Construction Project
►Jinneng Group Lishidatu River 2 × 350MW Low Calorific Value Coal Thermal Power Project

►Zheneng Group Shaoxing Binhai Thermal Power Plant Phase II Expansion Project