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Talent concept - integrity, efficiency, innovation, gratitude



Guiding thinking

Attracting and retaining talents with reasonable incentive system, corporate culture, career development and good working atmosphere.

Talent positioning:We provide employees with challenging and rewarding career development platform for employees to realize their dream, achieve self-worth, enhance overall management capabilities, and promote sustainable development of enterprises.

Recruitment and Selection


We value our employees as the most valuable wealth. We pay attention to the introduction of talent and in recent years, over 30 talents with intermediary and senior titles have been introduced to the Company from all over the country. Currently, the Company has formed a talent team with rational structure and outstanding innovation ability. In terms of talent use, the Company values ability rather than education background and constantly develop talent, providing talents with a broad development platform.

Talent cultivation and incentive mechanism

Construct a high-quality, high-level and highly united talent team through career development planning and training system construction; create a self-motivated, self-restraint mechanism to cultivate outstanding talents through salary design and performance management and evaluation, providing talent guarantee for rapid growth and efficient operation of the Company. Improve talent team construction and promote sustained development of the organization.