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Talent planing – Golden Seed Program



The Company officially started “Golden Seed Talent Program” since August 2016.

The company put a priority on talent training as the company's long-term focus and will design a targeted career development channel for golden seed talents to ensure the efficient implementation of the Program. To this end, the human resources department of the Company carries out team building based on reality and grasp the law of development of talent growth. Through 4-5 years of comprehensive talent cultivation and implementation, the human resources department has gradually sent business and technical talents and senior management personnel with rich professional knowledge, familiar with the company's business model and integrated management skills.

Golden Seed Talent Program adheres to the cultivation principles of cultivating talents within the Company supplemented by introduction of talents and "First in first out " mode is adopted for talent cultivation.

Adhere to four guidelines on the development of cultivation system.

Firstly, carry out top-level design at the corporate level, have a good understanding of current talents, grasp of the law of talent growth, define responsibilities and objectives. Promote the implementation of the company's strategic personnel training system which is composed of four parts. These four parts together constitute the company's strategic talent pool.

Secondly, highlight the innovative construction of talent development model, introduce competence model, enterprise e-learning learning platform and other training means targeting the characteristic of entry, growth, development and exit, in order to achieve employee growth, optimize the configuration and realize reasonable exit.

Thirdly, pay attention to the comprehensive tracking management of talent training process, covering all employees, define "top-level design and overall planning", department-specific "process control and organization and coordination", implement demand forecasting, recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, in order to achieve "comprehensive motion, comprehensive coverage, full control" integrated management.

Fourthly, build a platform for talent training, grasp the law of talent growth, and provide sufficient talents by tapping the potential of internal talents. To build a talent training environment through comprehensive use of competitive employment mode.