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Smart grid system solutions

With the rapid development of China’s economic construction, power users’ requirements on the power supply reliability of State Grid Corporation 10-40.5kV system are increasing. Moreover, with increasing user load, increasing operating capacity of distribution switching equipment and rising running current, the operating quality of power distribution equipment is also highlighted.
The product quality of high-voltage switchgear is the basis to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid. Jinguan Electric, based on the “18 Major Anti-Accident Measures of the State Grid Corporation", "Operating Procedures for High Voltage Switchgear Sampling Inspection", "Typical Design Code " and other documents issued by State Grid Corporation, has achieved one-stop accountability management mode from aspects of design demonstration, product process control, product quality inspection, product installation and commissioning, product training, etc.
3150A and above current and 12-40.5kV HV switchgear cabinet successfully developed by Jinguan Electric ensure the reliability of high-current switching equipment for long-term operation as well as safe and stable operation of high-voltage switchgear of State Grid Corporation in terms of process control, raw material selection, structural design, electrical design, temperature monitoring and other aspects.