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Municipal engineering system solutions


Box-type substation, as an outdoor substation with multi-equipment pre-installed in the cabinet, has the advantages of compactness, space-saving, and attendance-free and is widely applied in many industries. A number of patents independently developed by Jinguan Electric are applied in the appearance structure and electrical plan of the box-type substation, providing users with high-end, intelligent box-type substation.


"Intelligent remote monitoring and anti-theft box-type substation" independently developed by Jinguan Electric applies box-type substation operating state real-time monitoring, security protection real-time monitoring and other technologies to achieve unattended operation, thus improving the safety of equipment.


Jinguan Electric uses C-GIS switchgear with excellent breaking performance, compact structure, maintenance-free, and safety and reliability as the high-voltage side of the box-type substation. "An intelligent SF6 insulated ring main unit" independently developed by Jinguan Electric is adopted to achieve switch operation and signal feedback function within chambers as well as to achieve automatic control.


C-GIS one-time feed is connected to the power transformer through the touchable full-shielded cable plug to ensure reliable connection and operation between switchgear cabinet and the transformer.

Intelligent substation manufactured by Jinguan Electric uses integrated equipment, and compared with traditional substations, it has reasonable structural layout, is safe and reliable and is fully intelligent.