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Energy and chemical system solutions



1. CGC Jilin Longhua Baicheng Thermal Power Plant Expansion Project

Baicheng Thermal Power Plant 2 × 200MW Expansion Project is a state-level power station construction project during the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, and was officially approved by the National Development and Reform Commission on August 7, 2009. After being put into operation, the plant can provide power for urban heating area of 6.6 million square meters, industrial heat load of 116 tons / hour and annual generating capacity of 2.1 billion kwh, playing an important role in improving urban heating capacity and energy efficiency. 


Jinguan Electric adopts long service life electrical switch, arc light complete protection device, microcomputer protection device, microcomputer harmonic elimination device, “five-prevention” device technology, different types of load over-voltage protection devices and other high-voltage switch equipment to provide safe and reliable operation of the solution for energy power system. Jinguan Electric provided a hybrid 6 kV metal armored switchgear cabinet consisting of vacuum circuit breaker switchgear and F-C circuit switch cabinet which is safe and reliable since being put into operation.  


2. CGC Ningxia Yinglite Ningdong Power Plant Project


CGC Ningxia Yinglite Ningdong Coal-based Chemical Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CGC Yinglite Group. It is a platform for investment, construction and operation management of CGC Yinglite Group in Ningxia Ningdong Energy Chemical Base. Of which, 2 × 330MW cogeneration project is one of seven projects.


Jinguan Electric provided a complete set of high and low voltage switchgear solutions for 2 × 330MW units cogeneration project, including 126 sets of 6kV high voltage switchgears and 209 sets of 0.4kV low voltage switchgears. The program has been successfully operated in this project, marking that Jinguan Electric has the ability of undertaking large energy power generation system switching equipment project.


3. CGC Chifeng 3052 Coal-Made Urea Project


CGC Chifeng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CGC Inner Mongolia Energy Co., Ltd. It is one of the coal comprehensive development projects of China Guodian Corporation carried out in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia. The first phase of the project (CGC Chifeng 3052 Coal Urea Project) started construction in April 2009 with a total investment of CNY 3.3 billion. The project has been listed as a national key industry revitalization and technological transformation project.

Jinguan Electric provided the complete set of medium voltage metal-clad switchgear 10kV system solution for the main substation of the project. It adopted main inlet cabinet, outlet cabinet, capacitor outlet cabinet, busbar PT / arrester cabinet, outlet cabinet for substation, sub-section and bus coupler cabinet, closed bus bridge and MHK three-phase five-pole direct-inductance type arc-suppression coil cabinet and other complete sets forming an electrical plan for multiple purposes. 10 kV equipment protection monitoring technology, automatic tracking compensation arc suppression coil complete equipment technology, switchgear five-prevention device technology, and a full range of factory inspection technologies are also used to meet the conditions of equipment use, technical parameters, structure, performance, testing and other technical requirements.

4. Hadashan Water Control Project, aWater Source Project of North-To-South Water Diversion Project

Hadashan Water Control Project is one of the water source projects of North-To-South Water Diversion Project The construction of Hadashan Water Control Project is an urgent need for regional economic development and the natural ecological environment in the western Jilin Province. It has a positive effect on improving the flood control standards of Songyuan City and reducing the peak of the Songhua River. It is built to solve the drought and water shortage in the western region of Jilin and to control flood on the Second Songhuajiang River. It is also built as a water source project of North-To-South Water Diversion Project. The Hadashan Water Control Project has comprehensive benefits such as water supply, irrigation, flood control, power generation, shipping and environmental water use.


Jinguan Electric provided a full range of automation control solutions for this project. Advanced drawer cabinet plan and advanced process technology are adopted by Jinguan Electric to provide customer with high-quality low-voltage switchgear, which is stable and reliable since its operation.