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Rail Transit System Solution

1. Changchun Light Rail Phase III Project

Changchun Light Rail Phase III Project is a part of Light Rail Line 4, with a total length of 15.953km, including 2.980km of underground line and 0.412km of transition line and the rest is overhead line. Changchun Light Rail Phase III Project starts in Changchun Railway Station North Station in the west and ends in car yard in the south. A total of 16 stations will be built along the line, including three underground stations, 13 elevated station 13 and 1 car depot. It is a novel and beautiful modern rail transit line.


In 2010, Jinguan Electric provided 10kV high-voltage switchgear cabinet and environmental control cabinet for the power supply system of Light Rail Phase III Project of Changchun Rail Transit. The products meet the power supply demand and operating environment requirements of rail transit system in terms of the technical level and production process. Products of Jinguan Electric were successfully run in Changchun Light Rail Line 4, marking an imprint of success of Jinguan Electric in rail transit field.

2. Changchun Metro Line 1 Phase I Project

Changchun Metro Line 1 is a north-south rail transit backbone line of Changchun City rail transit network, passing through 16 stations, with a total length of 18.5 km. AC 66 / 35kV two-stage voltage centralized power supply mode is adopted for power supply. Two main substations are set for Phase I Project. Medium voltage power supply network uses traction and power lighting hybrid power supply network. Two main substations, 8 mixed traction and step-down substations, 9 step-down substations and 2 follow type step-down substations are set along Metro Line 1.
In 2015, Jinguan Electric provided AC35kV high voltage switch cabinet, AC0.4kV low voltage cabinet and environmental control electric control cabinet for Changchun Metro Line 1 power supply system. SF6 gas insulated AC35kV indoor armored metal-enclosed high-voltage switchgear cabinet designed by Jinguan Electric is characterized by small size, anti-condensation, maintenance-free, intelligent and other technical features, meeting the project substation AC35kV voltage level power supply needs. AC0.4kV low-voltage cabinet and environmental control electric control cabinet designed by Jinguan Electric uses Blokset series cabinets manufactured by Jinguan Electric with the authorization of Schneider. This series has high protection level, high insulation withstand voltage, rated current up to 6300A and can withstand 85kA internal arc under 0.5s. This series not only meet the needs of normal operation and failure modes of project substation AC0.4kV system but also can achieve intelligent control of environmental control equipment.